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Residents Reclaim L1202

Press statement re. L1202 (coast road from Leenamore to Barnatra) in Erris

Following a meeting of concerned residents in Kilcommon Parish on Friday, 10th Feb, a large group of young and old gathered today and removed all the haulage route signs along a 5km stretch of the Corrib Gas pipeline route. This was done to highlight the misuse of the village road, L1202, as a haulage road for heavy construction machinery, steel fencing, concrete boulders, pipeline segments, excavation material and refill material.

“As we have been abandoned by the State and all its agencies it falls to us, the local citizens, to protect our own neighbourhood.” says Jerry O’Malley from Leenamore.

The road is a small scenic country road and is marked as such on all maps. It is not a haulage road and can not simply be reclassified as one in order for Shell to use it to link two parts of the unwanted Corrib Gas Project.

It is the only access road to a church, a graveyard, local businesses and a school. It runs through a Special Protection Area, along Scruwaddacon Bay and through Glengad and Barnacullew where severe landslides occurred in 2003.

All attempts to adapt the road for haulage have been opposed strongly and consistently by the residents from day one and serious concerns for the safety of all road users have been raised on several occasions with Mayo CC, SEPIL, RPS and at the ABP Oral Hearing in 2010.

“No meaningful consultation of the affected community has ever taken place. This situation with all its consequences and no way out has been forced on us.” says Margaret Lavelle from Knocknalower.

“For many years residents have objected to the continued industrialisation and militarisation of our homeplace by Shell” says Laura Murphy from Aughoose..


Today residents started to reclaim the road for its original purpose. Further demonstrations are planned.

The attached picture shows the L1202 and Pullathomas graveyard which was severely affected by the landslides in 2003.


Betty Schult,

Kilcommon Lodge



Co. Mayo

Posted Date: 
13 February 2012