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Protesters continue to attempt to halt works on gas pipeline

Mayo Advertiser

According to Shell to Sea on Wednesday 15 Shell to Sea campaigners entered Barrett's Quarry in Bangor and occupied vehicles in the quarry that were being used for the extraction of hardcore to be used as part of Shell’s onshore pipeline construction compound at Aughoose. This continued action is part of Shell to Sea’s continuing campaign against the project in north Mayo.

Last week Socialist Party MEP for Dublin Paul Murphy was part of a sit down protest at the Aughoose compound where the protesters had to be removed by gardaí. On Thursday MEP Murphy presented a complaint of Garda brutality to the Garda Ombudsman in Dublin in relation to the incident last week.Speaking last week about the incident Murphy accused Gardaí of wanting to inflict pain rather than remove protesters, and he said he had his ear twisted until it became unbearable and that gardaí kept poking him in a very sensitive area under his ribs to inflict pain rather than remove him and other protesters by dragging them off the road.

Shell to Sea in a statement released this week said that along with Barrett’s Quarry another local quarry, Lennon’s Quarry which also supplies materials to the project, had been targeted by protesters which would continue into the future. Shell to Sea spokesperson Terence Conway said: “Both businesses will continue to be a target of the campaign until they end all work at Shell sites.'”

Posted Date: 
2 September 2011