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Press Statement Against Provocation In The Irish Newspaper "The Independent"

Akai - Anarchist Solidarity, ZSP

False information in media about Polish anarchist

In response to the article entitled "Polish Anarchist Linked to Corrib Gas Pipeline Protest", published in the Irish newspaper the Independent, we state that the information contained in the article is false.

The person referred to in the article WAS NOT released from jail in 2007; we know this FOR A FACT since we were involved in the campaign to support this prisoner.

Since this person was also in prison for his entire adult life, it is also not true that he is a "prominent figure in the European anarchist movement" nor is it true that he was linked to various anti-capitalist movements. He has not had any opportunity to play any role in these movements, let alone a prominent one.

We also know for a fact that this person has not and cannot possibly have been travelling to and from Ireland since 2007, especially while being in prison!

We are able to present documentation attesting to this fact.
We demand a retraction of this information.

Furthermore, we are quite concerned that this is just another attempt by the media to drum up hysteria about a protest and to provide the background for upcoming repressions. We do not exclude the possibility that such misleading information was deliberately fed to the media for this purpose.

Anarchist Solidarity, Warsaw

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