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Plans to bring LNG from Texas to Cork

RTE News

[Shell to Sea] A Texan company NextDecade has plans to bring LNG from Texas to the Port of Cork.  John Mullens, Chairman of the Port of Cork (formerly CEO of Bord Gais) had a interesting interview on RTE today.  In the interview he stated how there is no reason why Irish interconnectors couldn't be reversed to send gas from Ireland to England or Europe.  That this was a possibility was repeatedly denied by the Dept of Energy and Shell for many years in relation to Corrib.

Question RTE:  "If they (LNG suppliers NextDecade) link up to the Irish Gas Network, in effect they have access to the entire European network, is that correct, to sell their product on?"

John Mullens: "That's absolutely correct, there is no reason why one of the interconnectors coming in to Loughshinny could not be reversed and the combination of Corrib and this new gas source actually could supply Lancashire and Yorkshire and nearer mainland .. em ..em .. nearer Britain"

Further quote from John Mullens - "this is the cheapest form of regasification available ... certainly is a lot cheaper than any land-based project"


Listen to the News At One interview here or here

John Mullen, Chairman of the Port of Cork on proposals to bring gas from Texan oil fields to a floating platform in Cork Harbour

Posted Date: 
2 August 2017