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The Pipe – Shell in Ireland

by John Donovan.

 May 27th, 2010

A new documentary on Shell’s Corrib Pipeline Project in Ireland is claiming that the Irish Police and regulators colluded in covering up the connection between private security working on the Corrib Gas pipeline project and an apparent assassination attempt on the Bolivian President, Evo Morales.

Shell’s interests in Bolivia have been threatened by Morales’ policy of nationalising its natural resources. However, apparently for legal reasons, the film-maker has been forced to avoid naming the oil company.

Shell has a track record of involvement in sinister covert operations against perceived enemies, including Greenpeace, The Body Shop, Nigerian activists and the Donovans. In our case, the activity has continued into recent years and become a global activity involving Shell Corporate Affairs Security (CAS) headed by a former senior officer of the British Secret Service.

Under the circumstances, it should be no surprise that Shell has adopted similar sleazy tactics in Ireland. Indeed, several years ago, during an interview on Dublin Newstalk Radio 106fm -- “The Breakfast Show with Eamon Dunphy”, I warned that Shell would engage in  sinister activities against the local population campaigning about the Corrib pipeline.

Official site and trailer:

Facebook site: ThePipeTheFilm

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