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Pat Kenny - Railing against the Oil & Gas giveaway - Not a joke there's proof

Today with Pat Kenny - RTE

[Shell to Sea] Yesterday (Monday 3rd December), Eddie Hobbs was on Today with Pat Kenny to discuss Budget 2013.  Eddie Hobbs brought up the oil and gas giveaway.  Pat Kenny surprisingly however chimed in describing the giveaway and the ability of oil companies to write off all their costs as a "crazy situation".

Among his other quotes were "The answer to that [oil and gas giveaway] is obviously very simple.  If we get nothing out of it or very little out of it, leave it in the ground, sunshine. Someday it will be gettable and profitable, if it’s not profitable now.   There’s no point.  What is the point in taking anything out if you get nothing out of it."  

This is quite a turnaround for Pat Kenny who has been hostile and very reluctant to cover anything on Corrib or Shell to Sea.

The website of the newly formed group Own Our Oil that Eddie Hobbs refers to can be fround here:


The radio show can be heard here:

or here:

Eddie Hobbs begins talking about the Oil and Gas giveaway between 30:00 and 33:45

Posted Date: 
4 December 2012