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Our natural resources should be nationalised

Gerry Casey - Letter to Connaught Telegraph - 13/04/10


Tom Kelly's front-page article (April 6) reveals planned cuts of up to €10 million at Mayo General Hospital, Castlebar.

This at the same time as they pump billions of euros of taxpayers money into bailing out the banks.

This administration insist there is no alternative to such cuts.  This is untrue.  Éirígí insist that the one per cent of the population who control 34 per cent of the wealth be taxed on the billions they amassed on the backs of workers during the so-called "Celtic Tiger".

Also laying of the coast of Mayo and elsewhere are hundreds of billions of euros worth of natural resources.  The rights to these resources, such as oil and gas, were shamefully given away to create profits for multi-national companies at our expense.

As has happened around the world, Éirígí believe these natural resources should be nationalised. 

The resulting wealth should be used to create employment, eradicate poverty and properly fund our health and education services.

It should be used to reverse the savage cutbacks imposed on welfare and workers' pay which has caused immense hardship for the most vulnerable in society, children, the elderly, the ill, the disabled and people with special needs.

Is mise
Gerry Casey,
Éirígí Sligeach