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OSSL owner Neil Rooney blogging on Shell deception

Neil Rooney -
  1. #2 Neil Rooney
    on Jul 24th, 2013 at 16:42

    Along with the imprisonment threat if OSSL spoke out ,at an earlier stage in this debacle OSSL were informed by a Shell senior Corrb manager that if we approached Shell higher up the ladder that he would see to it that we would never work in the oil and gas industry again we asked Michael Crothers to to explain this extremely harsh ban on future employment for doing Shells bidding and assisting in all Shells requests ,his reply as always is silence .

  2. #3 Neil Rooney
    on Jul 24th, 2013 at 13:56

    A top Shell executive called Frances Van dam flew from Den Hagg to meet the smallest company that Shell had ever delt with she wanted the meeting to take place outside of Ireland so two members of the small company met her in London all her questions were answered honestly and and any information she requested was give freely we OSSL had acted she said with propriety and had been selected as the Go to company when special requests were required by Shell we put forward the name of Brian Foley Senior Shell Corrib man as the person who would confirm all we had to say .five months later we OSSL were requested to travel back to London to meet with Shell CEO the outcome of the second meeting was that would seek an outside opinion on the matters in dispute and OSSL should also obtain an opinion , both opinions were to be shared openly at a subsequent meeting from these opinions a solution would be found and the matter closed. However when the opinion sharing meeting took place Shell refused to put their independent opinion on the table .
    The following day their independent opinion giver was sent to the offices of Ossls independent opinion giver to inform him that if his client revelied any of the information freely given then a prison sentence would be the likely outcome because of the nature of Shells demands on OSSL , that threat has never been withdrawn by Shell dispite many requests from OSSL ….

  3. #4 Corrib Watcher
    on Jul 19th, 2013 at 09:56

    John , remember “beware of a man in a Shell Hat” a story on the Shell senior contracts manager for Corrib Brian Foley is the man the Voser appointee is relying on for the truth to aired on the OSSL claims. He is also the man who ordered the favours, furthermore he is a friend of the Voser appointee …what chance the truth coming out – there a fox in the hen house kidding on he’s a chicken – the cover up continues: its also remarkable that he’s still in that job .

Posted Date: 
25 July 2013