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One of the Emails sent into Pat

Dear Pat,

I remember hearing about the Rossport 5 when I was still living in Ireland, I remember already hearing about the spin the media was putting on it and the anti-rossport vibe that came from the general population after listening to the spin,.. and I suppose I was in a way a part of it - I paid no attention and ultimately had no clue what was going on - don't get me wrong I was always an intelligent thinker and was always angry (with government, price of living,.. and so on) but just had no idea of the struggle, nevermind the depth of the struggle that you face there in rossport, but now I will you on everyday with all my heart and soul and despair if I don't know the latest news; because you can not fail there and I hope you will not fail!!!

I left Ireland in 2003 when I was only 24 years of age, an angry young man, sick of getting screwed over by the company I worked for(ex-Aer Lingus) and by the government for every penny I made and came to continental Europe for better wages, better conditions and less hassle and for years ignored what was going on back home because I didn't need it and didn't have to listen to it but a couple of weeks ago I came across your facebook page done some research and found myself becoming the angry young man again...

I'm now living in France, a town called St. Louis on the Swiss border among a pretty big Irish population and have started trying to educate everybody around me to just what is going on... its difficult, people aren't interested... it sounds long winded to them but some catch on pretty quick...

Well Pat I know a lot of this letter might be only waffle but even being with me being a Dub, although with a mother from Crossmolina, and a father from Midddleton, Co. Cork I hope it reaches you in good health.... I will continue for my part to try and educate all of my friends/colleagues to your plight and I hope to make it over(either round the methyr to rossport bike ride or) later in the year just to camp out at the Rossport Solidarity Camp for a day or so to show my support.

Keep your head up Pat, where you are, and what you're doing now isn't in vain your voice is spreading further and further.. we will be heard!!!

Shell to Sea

Saint Louis, France