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Messages of support following 'The Pipe' on More4

Here is a small selection of the messages of support sent in to the website, since "The Pipe" was shown on More4 on Tuesday.  Other messages of support can be viewed on


Sorry i have to ask what mayo man enda has done to help you ? Did he support you before his election .
The film last night had me in tears . I live down the coast from you and i have real empathy for you and the helplessness you must feel . Thank God not all of you sold out or my faith in man kind would be destroyed .
For them not to see that you just want it done in a different way is so ignorant of them .
How many brown envelopes were passed on at your expense ?
Keep the faith and well done for keeping the fight going .

Well Done for the "PIPE" on More 4, I'm discussed that our so call government has turn its back on its own people and there rights for "pieces of Silver", I will be keeping more up to date and hopefully take a trip up to see for myself the destruction of "OUR RIGHTS" in our own country and the use of our law - enforcement as a "private security firm for hire", I'm disgusted, I'm living in the Southwest in an similar area to Rossport and to think that this could happen here is unthinkable, I will be following some of your points to protest ,where can I sign the online petition? where can I get window stickers? I will write to me local reps. to push the issue and also to local Media, Keep up the good fight this country needs more people like you,

God Bless,Good Luck,

Mr. Enda Kenny
An Taoiseach
Leinster House
Kildare Street
Dublin 2

Dear Mr. Kenny,

As an Irish citizen living abroad, I watched with horror, and not a little shame, a programme which was broadcast last evening which followed the history of Shell’s attempt to bring its Corrib Gas Project to fruition.
What horrified me about the programme was not the global giant’s management of the project – although that was certainly disgraceful – but the Irish government’s betrayal of its own people.

A quiet peaceful community, which was simply attempting to protect its livelihood and the environment, was bullied and battered in an attempt to subdue it and accommodate a globalized corporation which has caused similar havoc in many other countries.

Time and again, Irish police, at the behest of the government, ignored the law and attacked with batons its own people so that Shell could enjoy 100% profit in what has been named THE GREAT OIL AND GAS GIVAWAY.

We all know that for centuries, Irish people was murdered and brutalized by the British -    even the queen of England acknowledged this on her recent visit and expressed a measure of shame for what had happened. We all know that the peace marchers who looked for equality of representation in the North of Ireland in 1968 were viscously attacked by the RUC. We know these things and are not particularly surprised, but the knowledge that the Irish government unleashed uniformed thugs to baton its own people and are prepared to ignore European law to protect the interests of a global corporation is shaming in the extreme.

In a democracy the government is elected to reflect and protect the interests of its own people. It is time that the Irish government fulfilled its role as protector and representative of the Irish people and put an end to the disgraceful carry-on that the good people of Rossport have had to endure.

Yours sincerely,


Just watched THE PIPE docu wish more people in Ireland were aware of your struggle for the struggle is the same in Dublin Belfast London Paris Athens Madrid and Nigeria. The struggle of people and communities ignored by their own government and pushed aside by a state more interested in supporting the profits of inhumane multi national companies. Shell should be in the Dock of the international human rights court for their actions in Nigeria. Your community should be proud of the dignity and resolve you have demonstrated. Hope you remain united dont let them divide you.

I feel anger and sorrow after watching it but also inspired.


Just watched "the pipe".
Fair play to all of you - I admire you all for your honourable stance and determination you are a credit to the whole nation. As a school teacher myself i use your example as example and inspiration for future generations to uphold your nobility.
The actions and deeds of the government and the garda are a shame and disgrace in the history of our nation - they allow a foreign
Multinational corporations greed to outweigh it's own citizens. Shame on
Them and their pieces of silver.
Adh mor a chairde.


Watched the Ch4 doc and was struck by the great courage of the community. What unsettled me however, having watched 'the wind that shakes the barley' recently was the idea of citizens being illegally abused by the authorities-authorities who irish people so recently gave their lives to create- authorities they trusted to protect them. Note how authorities who turn against innocent civilians are treated by Nato in Libya... Is it time to return to Brussels?


god bless all of you,watched the programme,admire your fighting spirit,well done folks,this is unbelievable and shocking to watch the garda, navy,all the goverments men,turn out in force to go against you in such a heavy handed angry and saddened at how this beautiful country is being sold out to europe,i really hope that you get the best outcome out of this,the documentry was very informative and again so very well done ,good luck to all of you,



Last night I saw your documentary and I must  say you as a group represent all that is good about Ireland in these times of greed. I live in Spain and watched your documentary and intend to show it to my family and friends and show them how you can protest with dignity against a phenomenon so great that is Shell. I am disgusted with the governmen's attitude. I want to wish you the best of luck in the future and remember, you have many friends from afar.


I watched The Pipe last night. I'd like to help you anyway I can. Well done Pat O'Donnell and his friends x the world could do with a few more good men and woman such as you all xx


i have just watched t5he pipe on channel 4 and feel so angry and upset about the treatment of local people by shell the garda and the irish government its a disgrace and I want you to know I am right behind your campaign the people of rossport are true heroes who have refused to compromise their way of life for money well done I live near Belfast and will support you whatever way I can keep up the fight with


I have just watched an incredible documentary about you guys. The struggle you have all been through is horrific, completely unjustified and surely ILLEGAL under international law???

I really hope that you have as much success and that your voices are heard ALL OVER THE WORLD.

I am sending the video plus a link to your petition and site to everyone I know.

Cant the EU court of human rights help you with issues such as attempted murder, police brutality, trespassing???

I felt so helpless when I watched the documentary and cant imagine what you are all going through.

You are INCREDIBLE strong people and I wish you ALL the best of luck.

The online world is just starting to hear your voice-KEEP GOING!!!


i have just seen the documentary and i just wanted to say how i think that you are all remarkable people and it makes me really angry how you have all been treated..
you live in a beautiful part of the world ( i live in cornwall,uk) and i know how i would feel if a pipe was going to be put in my area....
lets hope that you win your fight......
and just know that the cornish people are behind you!!!


I have just watched the film on Channel 4 and as an Irish citizen I was shocked and dismayed at the tactics employed by the Garda. It seems clear that the Irish Government and those who enforce the law are more interested in protecting multi national companies than protecting the rights of Irish citizens.
I will keep watching your fight from the UK and wish you all the very best.  I will no longer buy my petrol from a Shell forecourt.
Good luck!


Dear Risteard,
Something happened with me watching this documentary. I was moved. In a special way. Obviously the subject of the documentary interests me, and the spitit of Dan, his son and the other fisherman got to me. But the way the documentary was made, in my eyes was perfect. The dialogues, the editing, the music, everything. This is what a good documentary looks like. It only happens once or twice a year a documentary moves me like this. And this can not only be because of the subject and the people in it, is my guess.. Well done my man, and thank you. Keep up the good work!!!


After watching the tv programme all I can say is shame on the Irish government, If the farmers own the land no one has the right to tell them they must allow a pipe to be built on their land. The fisherman have the right to fish on the seas their ancestors have fished without their pots etc being damaged. Why have shell not built the pipe where the priests & community suggested as its those people who have to live with this monstrosity.


Tonight I watched The Pipe on Dutch television. For what it's worth, I want to expressie my deepest respect and sympathy with your cause.
Kind regards,

Posted Date: 
16 June 2011