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Over the last 2 years I have awakened myself to the slavery, corruption and Draconian nature of our corrupt puppet government. I have been doing a lot of research into irish water and what they are doing to the country. I am actively involved in the Irish water resistance.

During conversation about the garda and their current actions shell to sea came up. Some one mentioned the video "pipe down". As I write this I'm about 18 minuets in.

I felt compelled to write this message to say I'm sorry. Sorry that the rest of the country didnt stand with ye. Sorry I didnt stand with ye. I didn't realize that ye were fighting a war up there. I knew nothing about it. I can't believe what was done to ye up there. Madness. I was a media slave, it had me asleep and fooled.

Not anymore. The water has awakened the people, Ireland is rising. I can promise ye that I will never forget shell to sea during the national campaign to save our human right to water. The irish water scam is just another phase of the IMF/EU/World bank plan. It's the shell pipeline on a national scale. I see it.

I urge you to join the big dublin protests for the water. The country will see your injustice as they can now see their own. It may at least let your story become pervasive on a national level. I hope ye all continue to give em hell! Is mise le meas,


Posted Date: 
8 June 2015