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Meanwhile, In Mayo

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A still from gas flaring at at Shell E&P Ireland’s Corrib gas plant in Co Mayo last New Year’s Eve


At Dublin District Court.

Shell E&P Ireland Ltd pleaded guilty to breaching two counts of the Environmental Agency Protection Act during “flaring” tests last New Year’s Eve.

It was fined €1,000.

Further to this.

Shell to Sea writes:

Yesterday, at Dublin District Court, Shell were fined €1,000 after pleading guilty to causing light and noise pollution from gas flaring at Bellanaboy refinery last New Years Eve. The prosecution was brought by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) following complaints from people living around the Bellanaboy refinery.

The €1,000 fine is estimated to be 65 seconds worth of current Corrib sales revenue after Vermilion, who have an 18.5% stake in Corrib gas, recently stated that Bellanaboy had reached “full plant capacity.

It is estimated that Corrib Gas sales revenues have totalled over €240 million so far this year, while no tax has been paid.

It is widely accepted that no or minimal tax will be paid by the developers of the Corrib Gas Project to the Irish State.

Former Managing Director of the Corrib Gas project, Brian O’Cathain previously stated in 2010 “That Corrib will never pay tax“. While a Vermilion investor profile estimated it would be seven years before any tax is paid.

Shell to Sea spokesperson Maura Harrington stated “We’ve seen again lately how subservient the State has become to powerful corporations. Despite making almost ¼ billion euros so far this year from our natural resources, Shell will have a 0.000% tax rate for many years to come.”


Posted Date: 
6 September 2016