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Human Rights report from the Table Monitoring Group

Table human rights monitoring group

Table Observers Report No 2

Attached is the Table Observers Report written after observing the 'Shell to Sea' Court Sittings held in Belmullet District Court from the23th to the 26th March 2010.

Table has its origin in The Table Campaign initiated by Action from Ireland (AfrI) during the mid-Nineties. In that capacity it made its reports on parade monitoring in the North widely available and was in regular contact with the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs in relation to Human Rights practice on the ground. It also 'observed' related court cases and made a contribution to the Criminal Review Board in the North. As Table it continues this work and besides circulating the second report it will be making a contribution to a Consultation on Criminal Sanctions being undertaken currently by the Ministry of Justice, Equality and Law
Reform about crime policy (White paper on Crime Unit). Table is a non-funded initiative of civil society.

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