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How do you oppose a pipeline being built in your area?

BBC News

Listen to Richie O'Donnell of The Pipe and John Egan of Shell in interview here:

What do you do when a gas company wants to drill a pipeline through your neighbourhood?

That's what some residents in Rossport, County Mayo, have been fighting against since gas was discovered off the coast of Corrib in 1996.

Shell Oil wants to pipe the natural gas from under the sea to a refining plant inland.

A film has just been released about their efforts and the resident's fight called The Pipe.

BBC Radio 5 live Up All Night speaks to the film's director Richie O'Donnell and to John Egan, the communications manager for the Shell's Corrib project. Richie starts off by telling Rhod Sharp how the dispute came to a head.

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Posted Date: 
15 June 2011