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Further Discussion on RoyalDutchShellPLC Blog

Neil Rooney & George Hamilton -
  1. Neil Rooney
    on Jul 18th, 2013 at 12:43

    John read all you have printed about OSSL just like to add ,can you imagine the great sense of excitement at OSSL when Shell asked us to assist them in certain tricky matters to smooth the passage of their Corrib project to assist in the manner we did was they informed us was the ticket to fifteen years ongoing business for a world class client …can you imagine the horror when we discovered that we were only to be used then trashed for fear that our confidential moves made on their behalf would be uncovered to reveal what they now call corruption ..they didn’t call it that when they were making daily requests for favours we were tricked by supposed men of integrity then we took our plight to higher level even at the risk of imprisonment as threatened by Shell but that higher level fell for the crap being spouted by the irish Shell team and failed OSSL again #saddaywhenwesaidgladtohelpyou

  2. #2 George Hamilton
    on Jul 16th, 2013 at 22:10

    The very top people at Shell Corrib Project authorised the home improvements for nearby locals and booze for the Garda wrong people sacked to ensure cover up but that didn’t work thundering disgrace and Voser knows it now a man is in mortal danger his price for helping bring gas ashore and doing Shells biding big disgrace but no surprises life is cheap as far as Shells concerned .

Posted Date: 
18 July 2013