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Frontline Report: "Breakdown in Trust: A Report on the Corrib Gas Dispute"

The Frontline report entitled: "Breakdown in Trust: A Report on the Corrib Gas Dispute"  report is available to
download here.

Below are some selected section from the Frontline Defenders report

  • It is clear that the Corrib gas dispute raises human rights issues;
  • Whether or not the protesters are correct in the human rights that they are
    asserting is irrelevant under the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders.
    What matters is that human rights are engaged. Further, in view of the real
    questions raised as to the safety of the pipeline, and in view of the recent
    findings of an Bord Pleanála that its safety had not been demonstrated, those
    concerns cannot be disregarded as so irrational that human rights ought to
    be deemed not to be engaged;
  • Some – but not all – of what people call intimidation simply involves people
    no longer talking to each other. That could also be a consequence of a
    breakdown of relationships.
  • Allegations of republican direction of protests in Mayo appear unfounded and
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