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Four Shell to Sea members arrested

Irish Times

Four protesters were arrested yesterday after chaining themselves to the stairwell of the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources.

The Shell to Sea group members said they were marking the 100th day of imprisonment for Erris fisherman and campaigner Pat O’Donnell.

“We are staging a peaceful protest to mark the 100th day of his imprisonment,” said protester Caoimhe Kerins, chained inside the building.

Mr O’Donnell was given a seven-month sentence last February for his part in surrounding a Garda car during a cavalcade in September 2008, and a separate public order offence at Glengad. His boat was sunk in Broadhaven Bay last year in controversial circumstances ahead of offshore pipeline laying.

“Pat O’Donnell is a brave and honourable man who has simply stood up for the health and safety rights of his community and for the rights of the people of Ireland to benefit economically and socially from our vast oil and gas resources,” she added.