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Email to An Taisce - Corrib Gas; No Deal

From: ethel corduff
Sent: 02 November 2011 23:05
To: an taisce Dublin
Subject: Corrib Gas; No Deal


Dear An Taisce,
My husband Tom and I were so thrilled and pleased that you were going to challenge three Judical reviews, that we decided we would go to Dublin for the first week of the court case to show our support for all you were doing.  Also we as Rossport landowners are so appreciative of your excellent  representation at the Corrib Gas oral hearings.

Now I almost wish we had not gone to the Four Courts. 

On the first day three things happened to make us feel apprehensive 

1. The discussion outside the court where you decided to withdraw from two of the Judical Reviews concentrating only on the Habitats.
2. The  fact that Peter Sweetman said that he had been told in the discussion outside the court that An Taisce said they had messed up An Taisce's case. When I asked why was that he said he did not know. No mention of this was made in the court. From then on there was no obvious contact between An Taisce representatives and Sweetman which was puzzling, when they were all there to protect the environment  relating to the Corrib gas.
3. An Taisce represntatives  ignored the few supporters who were there daily, that week.  Not a greeting or even a smile, we might as well not have been there. This was disconcerting, one was not expecting deep conversation or even chit chat in a court but to know quite quickly that they did not appreciate any supporters been there we found quite shocking. My husband got a brief response when he spoke to one Taisce representative.

The case been presented by Mr. Collins and his team seemed to be going so well, we were very hopeful of a positive result. Unfortunately we were unable to attend the next two weeks hearing due to looking after grandchildren but we were there in spirit.
We could not believe the news that the case was not going to judgement but a deal had been done by the State with the two parties; In an Taisce's case for costs and a seat on a future environmental board in return for the State acknowledging its failure to bring into law the required EU requirements.  It is good that they acknowledged what we have campaigned about all along but not good that they claim that the consents for Corrib Gas are still valid.  How can they be valid now?
In your recent statement you state that those who have campaigned about Corrib for so long should feel vindicated by this. I do not think even one campaigner feels vindicated. You are congratulating yourself on the deal done.  What deal for Corrib and those affected by it? The answer is none.  No deal for the people of Kilcommon who are now abandoned with the elephant in the bay to destroy wildlife, the habitats that you went to court to protect. 

A deal behind closed doors has led to this.  A deal that has nothing in it for the people and habitats of this most beautiful part of Erris but destruction.

Ethel and Thomas Corduff
Rossport Landowners

Posted Date: 
20 November 2011