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Dundalk to be Occupy-ed

Dundalk Democrat

THE Occupy movement have set their sights on Dundalk and are planning an assembly outside of the Town Hall on February 28, the Dundalk Democrat can reveal.

The Occupy movement are an international protest movement who are concerned with social and economic inequality .

The movement has been characterised by campsites which are set up at the centre of large urban area, in which protesters dwell for an indefinite amount of time.

The movement, which now has encampments in several cities across Ireland, held their second national meeting in Blackrock on Saturday 14 January, and are in the process establishing a full blown protest in Dundalk town centre.

Speaking with the Democrat, Sarah Hardesty from Point Road, who is involved with the movement, says it’s exciting times for the campaign who have made demand of the Government concerning the current debt crisis.

“We are in process of setting up the movement in Dundalk. We are a democratic organisation, and I’m just speaking on behalf of myself and not the movement.

“We will be holding an assembly on 28 February in Dundalk. It is a not a movement that needs to be joined, we represent 99 per cent of people in this country,” says Ms Hardesty.

The Irish Occupy movement now includes strands of other protest groups, including Shell to Sea and Real Democracy Now. The group’s demands include the EU/IMF to withdraw and for Ireland to have greater control of its natural resources. “We also want only Ireland to have genuine participatory democracy, which it doesn’t have at the moment,” says Ms Hardesty.

Posted Date: 
28 January 2012