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Dublin to Rossport bus for June Gathering at Solidarity Camp

    • Thursday, May 31, 2012
    • 6:00pm in UTC+01
    The seventh annual Rossport Solidarity Camp gathering is taking place in Erris, Co.Mayo from the 1st-4th June. Dublin Shell to Sea will be running a bus down for the weekend, if you might want to travel with us join this event and we will let you know how to get tickets....

    The Bus will leave Parnell Square at 18.00 on the Thursday and return to Dublin on Monday evening. It will cost 25e unwaged, 30e waged. If you can't go but can make a donation towards costs that would be very appreciated and will help us subsidise the unwaged cost further. To book your ticket ring 0867362417

    This is what the camp says about the weekend

    We hope for this year's gathering to link up community struggles from all over Ireland, bringing people together to share skills and campaigning experiences.

    As the current government ignores the pain being inflicted by their policies on the ground and democracy seems to slip further from sight, communities are organising themselves to show that another Ireland is possible. Rossport Solidarity Camp is hosting a weekend for people from different communities to meet up, exchange stories and experiences, and network. There is a lot we can share and learn from each other!

    Come for the workshops, stay for the fun! There will be a couple bands and DJs, and hopefully a session around the fire one night, so bring your instruments!! Workshops will run Saturday, Sunday, and part of Monday.

    If you can't make it up to Mayo yourself but you would like to help out, please help us publicise the event by printing up posters and fliers and posting them up wherever you can!

    All the best from everyone at the camp.

31 May 2012 - 6:00pm