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Documentary: 'Bolivian Escapade': discussed on Pat Kenny


Almost exactly four years ago, in the early hours of April16 2009, Bolivian special forces burst into a hotel in the city of Santa Cruz in the east of the country.

Within minutes they had shot and killed three foreign guests, one of them Michael Dwyer, from Ballinderry in County Tipperary.

The soldiers arrested two other European men, who remain in custody today. In an official statement the Bolivian government accused the group of planning armed insurgency and of plotting to kill the country’s left- wing president, Evo Morales.

The statement also claimed that the men had engaged in a 30 minute gun battle with the security forces after resisting arrest.

But in the past four years a great deal of information has emerged to cast doubt on this official version. The latest attempt to shed light on the killings is a documentary called ‘Bolivian Escapade’. Pat was joined by the programme-maker Risteard O’Donnell and by Tom Hennigan from Sao Paulo.  The documentary will air on Saturday at 5.30 and on Sunday at 11.30 am on Channel 514 Al Jazeera.

Listen here:!rii=9%3A20182657%3A133%3A04-04-2013%3A

Posted Date: 
6 April 2013