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Did Shell deliver over €35K worth of booze to Mayo Gardai?

Raf Diallo - Newstalk

A contractor working for Shell has alleged that thousands of euros worth of alcohol was delivered to a Mayo Garda Station courtesy of the Gas group


On Sunday a Shell contractor who had worked in Ballynaboy, Co Mayo, alleged that over €35,000 worth of alcohol from a Northern Irish dispensary was delivered to a Mayo Garda station and unloaded from a truck by a senior Garda courtesy of the company.

This morning on Breakfast, Chris Donoghue spoke to journalist Ed Vulliamy who broke the story for The Observer in the UK.

Vulliamey admits that the allegation could be completely untrue but he told Chris that Gardai have failed to confirm or deny the veracity of the claims. 

"We could not have tried harder to get the Gardai to deny this. If someone said stuff about me, that a story saying I had 35,000 worth of booze delivered to me was going into the Observer and it was a lie, I'd be hopping mad. I'd be out there saying 'NO!' It was similar with Shell.  

"Our job in journalism is to follow nasty smells and this smell hasn't been cleared up yet!"

Listen to the full interview below: 

Posted Date: 
16 August 2013