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Cormac Lally performs for Love Leitrim at Fleadh

jamie murphy - YouTube

During the Fleadh Cheoil 2014 in Sligo, Love Leitrim in partnership with Leitrim Tourism Network ran a stand which had lots of information on the dangers of hydraulic fracturing (Fracking) and a variety of antifracking tshirts.

For the duration of the Fleadh musicians,dancers,and poets were encouraged to come down and visit the stand and it's volunteers. In this video we see poet Cormac Lally perform a witty but very important and relevant poem that was written in response to the news that the Fleadh Cheoil was in part sponsored by Shell, this money has thankfully since been returned. Cormac touches upon issues related to corporate sponsorship,Fracking,and the general attempt by the oil/gas industry to influence communities and governments with money/sponsorship. Cormacs words speak for themselves.

Cormac Lally: Be-Spoke (Wedding Speeches in Rhyme)

Posted Date: 
2 September 2014