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Beat the Boreholes Launched!

Rossport Solidarity Camp

Following yesterday evenings water protests, in which one Shell to Sea campaigner was attacked by Gardaí, campaigners again took to the water this morning in an attempt to block Shell from putting in place a drilling platform which will be used to drill approximately 80 boreholes.

Today saw the launch of "Beat the Boreholes"; a campaign of mass civil disobedience to stop Shells boreholes. Up to 80 boreholes are planned in the Sruth Fhada Chonn estuary in the next 3 months. They are to provide a survey for the tunnel which Shell are proposing to build under the estuary to house the raw gas pipeline. Beat the Boreholes are asking people to pledge to "adopt" a borehole & take action to stop it being made. Groups are signing up fast with various actions planned such as mass walk outs on the sand, picnics on the beach & boarding the drilling rigs.


At  7am this morning campaigners entered the water in Broadhaven Bay in kayaks and a rib in a peaceful attempt to prevent Shell from bringing in a borehole drilling platform. They were again met with 5 Garda water unit boats, with approximately 16 Gardaí on board and 10 security boats.

Campaigners attempted to approach the platform but were prevented from doing so by Gardaí who overturned their kayaks. Gardaí have arrested 2 campaigners for minor Public Order offences and seized three kayaks and the rib. The campaigners have been taken to Belmullet Garda station.

The new pipeline route is still within 250m of several houses and the local community remains opposed to the plans. The estuary is a Specially Protected Area & part of the Broadhaven Bay Special Area of Conservation; protected under EU legislation. The operation will damage parts of the estuary & disturb the wildlife there, particularly Atlantic salmon, otters & birds found on the intertidal areas.

Caroline Young said, “We will continue to peacefully protest against Shell’s proposed refinery and experimental raw gas pipeline, despite intimidation from Gardaí. These boreholes will further damage the local environment. Shell have shown a complete disregard for the local community and the environment we live in over the course of this project. They do not even have planning permission for this pipeline.”



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