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Arrests after attempts to disrupt gas work

The Connaught Telegraph

Files are being prepared for the DPP following the latest attempts to disrupt the work being done to pump ashore natural gas from the Corrib gas field.
Protesters disrupted exploratory drilling in preparation for bringing the gas ashore at Sruwaddacon Bay last Thursday week and gardai had to be called in to allow workmen to continue the ground testing.
Four people with addresses in London and Nottingham and another from Wales were arrested along with two with Irish addresses.
All are part of the international protest group that has assembled this summer with the intention of trying to stop the Corrib gas - which it is estimated will supply 60 per cent of the country's gas needs -from being brought ashore to the refinery at Bellanaboy.
A further oral hearing into the route of the onshore pipeline is to be heard in Belmullet later this month.