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‘Reclaim the Vision of 1916'

James Connolly Heron Reclaim the Vision speech


‘Reclaim the Vision of 1916’, an independent, non-party political, non-profit making citizens’ initiative was established to ensure that the centenary of the Easter Rising is commemorated and celebrated in an appropriate and relevant manner. We believe that it is only right and proper, at this historic time, for the bravery and sacrifice of the men and women who fought in 1916 to be marked with dignity and respect, but in addition, convinced that it would be a disservice to their memory if we failed to recognise why they did what they did in the first place! These people were not merely rebels – they were visionaries! What they desired was not simply a green flag over Dublin Castle and a harp on the coinage, they were calling for revolution, a complete transformation of Irish society, and the blueprint for that vision was set out in the Proclamation which declared a proper republic in which the common good would be the guiding principle of government. This republic guaranteed civil and religious liberties and equal rights and opportunities to all citizens, men and women alike. Sadly, however the vision of 1916 has never been fully realised and the Irish people have been forced to bear the consequences of political, social, economic and cultural failure.

‘Reclaim the Vision of 1916’ will give all citizens the opportunity to gather on 24th April in celebration of that golden moment in our history and in so doing, create a platform for the republic that successive governments have failed to deliver. A republic of equality and opportunity with nobody marginalised, left behind or forgotten and nobody marginalised, left behind or forgotten, and no one forced through economic circumstance to flee the country of their birth.

In order that the Parade is truly representative, we have invited community groups across the spectrum of today’s Ireland to participate in this exciting event. We are pleased to invite your party to participate in the Parade, as citizens of Ireland.

If your party wishes to be a part of this historic event, please e-mail our Secretary, Mags O'Brien, for further details and to be placed on our list of participants.

Yours sincerely

‘Robert Ballagh


24 April 2016 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm