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February 2017

Corrib benefits from high price of gas

[Shell to Sea]The Oil & Gas giveaway in action:   The Corrib Gas partners made $589m  (estimated €532m) last year and yet paid no royalties or tax.

Taken from Pg 50 of Vermilions Annual Financial Report 2016: available here


The Corrib Partners are benefiting from a relatively high gas-priced product and recorded estimated sales of over €420m in the first full year of production at the Corrib gas field.

Production started on the field at the end of 2015. For the 12 months of last year, the Corrib Partners, including Shell Ireland, recorded estimated revenues of (Canadian) $589m from the production of gas from the field.

This follows a new report by one of the Corrib partners, Canada-based Vermilion showing that it has generated sales of $109m for the 12 months.

Vermilion owns 18.5pc of the field and based on Vermilion's Corrib sales between January and December of last year, the total sales from the field for the three partners would be $589m (€423.47m).

Posted Date: 
28 February 2017

The curious case of how a British cop went undercover among Irish protesters

Christina Finn -

“He had multiple intimate relationships with women using his false identity as an environmental activist called Mark Stone.”

IT SOUNDS LIKE something straight out of a James Bond movie but that is a line from this week’s Dáil transcripts.

During a Leaders’ Question session, the house was informed that an undercover British agent – infamous following an inquiry in the UK – also operated in Ireland.

Posted Date: 
13 February 2017

#Spycops Press Conference in Dublin



British spy Mark Kennedy at the spire on O Connell Street, Dublin with Kim Bryan and Sarah Hampton in 2005.

#Spycops: Irish Press Conference in full. Please support independent journalism by using the share buttons at the bottom.

Earlier today three people targetted by members of the UK National Public Order Intelligence Units (NPOIU) in Ireland held a press conference. They want to build pressure on the Irish government to open up about the role of British spies in Ireland.

Posted Date: 
7 February 2017

€8.5 million Shell slush fund mishandled in Ireland

John Donovan -

The Irish edition of The Sunday Times has published an article reporting that an official audit by a local government auditor has criticised the basis on which a €8.5 million fund, provided by the benevolent energy giant Shell, was handled by Mayo County Council.

Posted Date: 
6 February 2017

Activist 'bitterly disappointed' by 'closed' report into undercover policing

Irish Independent

Activists who allege a British undercover police officer operated in Ireland have branded a Garda inquiry into his activity a whitewash.

Garda Commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan was tasked late last year with a second internal probe into the activities of a spy from London's Metropolitan Police after an original inquiry in 2011 found no evidence of criminality.

Posted Date: 
6 February 2017

Activists want UK undercover police inquiry to cover Ireland

RTE News

A number of activists, including some involved with the Shell to Sea campaign, want the Government to request the extension of a British inquiry into the activities of undercover UK police officers to cover activity in Ireland.

At a press conference in Buswells Hotel in Dublin, two female activists allege they unwittingly befriended an undercover British police officer.

It is alleged the man took part in the Shell to Sea campaign in Mayo and in anti-globalisation activity in Dublin.

Posted Date: 
6 February 2017

Mayo council rapped on use of Shell funds

Valerie Flynn - Sunday Times

An official audit has criticised Mayo county council’s management of an €8.5m fund provided by Shell for the benefit of the local community near the Corrib gas pipeline.

Posted Date: 
5 February 2017

Date set for Corrib Gas tunnel death case

The Connaught Telegraph

A CIRCUIT Criminal Court case against two construction companies who have had charges brought against them arising from a fatal workplace accident at the Corrib Gas tunnel project in Co. Mayo in September 2013 will be heard in June.

Counsel for the State, Patrick Reynolds, BL, indicated to Judge Rory MacCabe today (Monday) he expects the trial to go into a second week.

Posted Date: 
1 February 2017