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November 2010

Feeble Irish protests fail to measure up to a Greek tragedy

Mary Fitzgerald - Irish Times

IT WAS just another family on just another late afternoon stroll in Dublin city centre.

As they passed Government Buildings, the father shepherding his children paused briefly and looked through the wrought iron gates to the windows blazing with light in the gloom of dusk.

Behind the elegant facade of Government Buildings the Cabinet was sitting for an emergency meeting during which it would sign off on a rescue package that will determine much in the lives of these oblivious youngsters. Perhaps mindful of this, the father summoned a wry smile.

Irish Left Review of the Pipe

William Wall - Irish Left Review

Risteard O’Dohmnaill’s film The Pipe encapsulates the balance of power in this shambolic republic - on the one hand the not inconsiderable determination and strength both personal and communal of ordinary people, and on the other the massive force of the state as expressed by the police, the judiciary, the army, the navy, the transnational corporation, private security firms, government and much of the mainstream media.

It's time to reclaim our oil and gas

Dermot Looney - Letter to the Irish Independent

We are told, with regard to the economic crisis and all kinds of major cuts and tax increases, that "everything is now on the table".

Everything, it seems, except the billions worth of gas and oil off our coasts -- including the Corrib field -- the royalties for which were given away in successive Fianna Fail deals.

Isn't it time to put tens of billions of potential net worth back on the table?

dermot looney
greenhills, dublin 12

Providence field could yield 200m oil barrels

Barry O'Halloran - Irish Times

EXPLORATION GROUP Providence Resources believes one of its licence areas off the west coast could produce up to 200 million barrels of oil.

The company said yesterday that following further analysis of data taken from its Spanish Point field in the Porcupine Basin off the west coast, it and its partners, Chrysaor and Sosina Exploration, now believe the field could produce commercial quantities of oil.

Shell Shuts Houma-to-Houston Oil Pipeline After Leak

Aaron Clark - Bloomberg

Royal Dutch Shell said a crude oil pipeline from Houma, Louisiana, to Houston remains shut after a Nov. 16 crude oil leak.

Of bogs and brothels: ‘The Pipe’ and ‘Sensation’ at the BFI London Film Festival 2010

Garin Dowd - Film Ireland

Dr. Garin Dowd of Thames Valley University, London, reports from the BFI London Film Festival where Risteard O Domhnaill’s ‘The Pipe’ and Tom Hall’s ‘Sensation’ were screened recently.

Cahir Filmmaker Wins Acclaim for 'The Pipe'

Eoin Kelleher - Tipperary Star
AFTER four longs years of filming behind-the-scenes action at Mayo's controversial Rossport gas pipeline project, Tipperary director and film maker Risteard Ó Domhnaill can afford a pause to look back with pride at his accomplishment.

Having devoted nearly half a decade to capturing on camera the bitter struggle that has divided one small west coast town, Ó Domhnaill's film 'The Pipe' has become a hit with film festival goers around the world, from Galway to LA, to Toronto, where

The end of our nationhood says Mayo councillor

Mayo Today

Sinn Fein Mayo County Councillor, Gerry Murray, has described the intervention of the IMF in Ireland's current economic crisis  and the offer of a bail out by the British Government as the end of nationhood and the taking of the 'saxon shilling' by a Government that has sadly lost all sense of national pride.

It's Bailout Time....Everybody

Ciaran McCarthy - Editorial Sligo Today

Bailout fever is breaking out all over the country and it looks as though the Government, despite denials will be joining the club, sooner rather than later. The pressure must becoming unbearable for Cowen et al as the Eurocrats are trying to stuff billions into their pockets to protect the Union and the Euro. He'll have to accept the 'bailout' soon

Perhaps the Government, in it's infinite wisdom, should consider another 'bailout'. As the politicians, like a river, love to take the path of easiest resistance, they could keep all the bondholders happy, keep the European Central Bank happy, keep the International Monetary Fund happy, refuse to renege on any of the country's debts, keep the nation itself happy. Instead of annoying all these international heavyweights they should just 'stitch up' one. Shell.

Éistigí le review The Pipe on BBC Radio Ulster le Lucinda Glynn

Blas - BBC Radio Ulster

Éistigí le review The Pipe on BBC Radio Ulster le Lucinda Glynn

Tosnaíonn an caint faoin Pipe ag 5:10 den clár